Elysion Sensory Exhibition – Christian Taylor on Through Sound We See


When deciding on what to do for this Tri-instillation, I wanted to create something that complements the other works, but also has a very personal and intimate feel to it. Each of the pieces will carry with it a sensory theme, something that each artists feels very strongly about and is a key part of our working practice.

For this instillation I have drawn inspiration from two main sources, the ‘synesthesia’: how it effects the holder in different ways, and an image from the ‘Brains: The Mind as Matter’ exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London. Both of the sources, although are in no way connected in their own forms, had a really powerful effect on me. I wanted to use these influences and ideas to create a sensory/immersive visual sculpture that the viewer could interact with. Something that is both atheistically beautiful to look at and explore, but also have a very personal meaning that the viewer can engage with as they encounter their individual journey.
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